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GM cabinetry lines enable you to make the kitchen or bath of your dreams a reality without breaking the budget.

Our cabinetry products are trendy for their timeless style. It refers to a specific kind of American framed cabinets bearing certain standard features. Their motto of "Beauty rests on utility" says it all – a cabinet is a cabinet, and their practical design needs no fancy embellishments to be considered beautiful. The cabinet lines also balance well with bold details, like geometric lighting and shiny hardware, resulting in a stylishly layered finish. The design of the furniture and architecture reflects these values. Our cabinetry products are known for their durability and functionality. Their clean and straightforward style allows cabinets to fit well in most modern kitchen designs. However, the truth is that these cabinet lines work in just about any kitchen design. They can often be seen paired up with white or a light grey.

Cabinet doors have become ubiquitous and instantly recognizable. We believe in the honesty that could be found in simplicity, and our cabinetry products reflect this sentiment as clean lines and tidy corners.

A high-quality line of cabinetry with much versatility to complement any customer design requirements. The assortment of door styles, glaze options, and finish options allow your wish list to be met.

With our cabinet lines, spend less time wiping down cabinets and more time enjoying your kitchen.

Key features of our framed cabinets

Timeless style: These cabinets have been in style for more than 100 years

Simplicity: Our cabinetry products encourage simple living

Versatile: Several different finishes can produce a completely different style

Classic style: We keep the traditional American design style

Modern design: The modern kitchen designer appreciates our cabinetry style because it is clean and uncluttered

Cost-effective: With our cabinet lines, more of your money can go to quality construction, definitely better woods, more durable hinges, and drawers

Easy to clean: The simple lines of these cabinets are very simple to clean

Made of real wood: Stained wood is beautiful and projects an air of elegance. Our cabinets are made of real wood from European forests and genuineness can be felt with a glance or touch

Ready-to-assemble: With RTA cabinets, not only is purchase simple, but assembly and installation is a breeze

Living space improvements: Whether it be kitchen cabinetry, vanity, or something totally unique, we can offer you the solution you are looking for



Stylish and practical vanities have been a staple in cabinetry design with its simple lines and flawless construction since its creation. Because of its ability to blend with almost any style, our products are now at the forefront of bath design. The Vanity cabinets feature clean lines, squared shapes, and minimal ornamentation.

Let your space reflect your style with elegant vanities from GM cabinetry.

Blue is a popular wall color, and selecting our Caspian Blue bathroom vanity in a different shade from the walls can add to space's cohesion and look.